Act ∅: Consideration

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Act ∅: Consideration

Thoughtfulness and sensitivity towards others.

In times like these or even in normal days, inconsideration brings even more trouble.
When logic is thrown out of the window just for a smaller selfish individual desire,
When people disregard possibilities as they belittle the dangers or caused by their lack of knowledge on the current situation,
That unspoken thought of "Nah, it won't happen to me" while thousands of people are actually dying.

Genuinely, at the end of it all, good for you for surviving this ordeal,
But how many didn't because of your act?
You, or even we, won't even know.

Every of your little action counts.
What's the meaning of a friend nights out when they are no longer there to have fun with you?
What's the meaning of a family dinner when they are no longer there to enjoy the time with you?
What's the meaning of reopening up your favourite hamburger store when you're no longer there to eat them?

This is a really interesting time for humanity,
where our actions will truly affect those around us,
it's no longer about you, but them.
Will you consider you, at the expense of them?
Or will you consider them, at the expense of you?

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