Act ∅: Core™ x GELLA

Women streetwear fashion with black bucket cap in Singapore

There are many core values that a person should have but personally, I feel that balance has the utmost importance. When problems arise in a given sector of our life, it’s often a sign that an imbalance is present: We’re exercising too much, or not enough. We’re obsessing about a relationship, or ignoring it. We’re mono-focused on work, or we’ve lost professional passion. We’re being overly generous with our time, money and other resources, or we’ve gotten downright selfish.

Imbalance is the root cause of problems. Even if we’re passionately interested in one thing and are determined to give “our all” to a certain area of our life during a given time, we must still remember to be cognizant of the long-term costs and potential collateral damage — not just to our own lives, but to the lives of those around us. A deep level of self-knowledge is required to identify the imbalance. In addition, what might be balanced for someone will be different for another because everyone is different.

The quality of our lives is a reflection of the decisions we make. So, if there’s something you don’t like, change it. If there’s an imbalance in your life, correct it. And if you haven’t given much thought to any of this lately, by all means, think about it.

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