Act ∅: Exploration

Men wearing streetwear fashion black T-shirt in Morocco
The activity of searching & finding out about something.
The act of travelling to a place or searching a place in order to learn about it.
The action of exploring an unfamiliar area.

How far have you explored the world since you were born?
If you had the opportunities to explore, what have you learnt?
Different countries,
Different languages,
Different races,
Different beliefs,
Different culture,
So different & unfamiliar to what you have known.
While some fear what they don’t understand,
Some approach with a curious mind,
Having the desire to learn more about what they don’t understand.

If humans were meant to destroy any & everything that they don’t understand,
We might still be living like cavemen & cavewomen.

What have we come to learn & understand about those different from us so far?

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