Act ∅: Observant

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Act ∅: Observant

Quick to notice or perceive.
Looking at, watching, or regarding attentively.

How much can we see the things that are right in front of our eyes?
How much of it is truly what it appears to be?
The actions,
The words,
The person.

How often are we too quick to judge based on what we see?
Stop & take a step back.
What can you see now?
Take another step back.
What can you see now?
Has your perspective changed?
Did the situation look a little different now?

Often times we are too 'biased' on the things we believe we saw or 'made' to see,
but when we take steps back & reevaluate our past observations on a situation or a person,
we will start to realise certain views are not too far from the 'truth'.
Judge based on your own observations,
& not rely on others.

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