Act ∅: Poise

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Act ∅: Poise

Calm confidence in a person's way of behaving, or a quality of grace.

As most will say to others: "Keep calm".
Emotions are one of many main causes to making a problem even bigger than it was.
Why do I feel this way?
Why are their words affecting me so badly?
I need to rebut the things that they just said!

Was your pride or ego poked at?
Did they say something that's true but you're not willing to accept it?
Are you reacting like this so that others will be in awe by your actions?

In every "conflict" comes a "winner" & a "loser".
Aggressive (emotional) reactions often imply that you want to come out as the "winner".
Why is there a need to win?
Why is there a need to win & leave a bad aftertaste in the "loser's" mouth?
Isn't there another solution to this problem or conflict?

The real victory is where everyone walks out smiling, knowing where they've gone wrong & are willing to work on it.
And it all starts with the mindset we have entering into a conflict or any given situation, with poise.

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