Act ∅: Wonder

Men wearing streetwear fashion black T-shirt in Morocco
To ask yourself questions or express a wish to know about something.
To speculate curiously or be curious about.
A feeling of amazement & admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.

Have you ever wondered why some people behave in a certain way?
Have you ever wondered why some cultures are acting in a certain way?
Have you ever wondered why some religions believe & practice their beliefs in a certain way?
Or the thoughts that you had when these questions or replies were asked and answered were “They are wrong” or “They shouldn’t be doing this” or “How can they do such a thing”?
A casual, often thoughtless, remark may have disregarded the entire history, the entire sufferings, the entire joy, the entire experience of a person or group.

Why is he always so smiley, what a creep!
Because he understood the value of a smile after being unable to do so for his entire childhood.
Why is she always so cautious, such a boring person!
Because she lost a loved one just because of one careless act.
Why do they always do recitations, so noisy & irritating!
Because they might be having a tough time in life, and they are trying to seek guidance - a form of meditation to relieve the mental troubles they are having, which also helps prevent them from taking possible unintentional physical/verbal actions on others caused by their troubles.

For most people, there are reasons behind the actions & words they choose to take & say.
And as you wonder why & try to learn & understand more about them,
You might just realise that you have made their life a better & more comfortable place to be in, even for a bit;
As they found someone who cares.

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