What's your core?

Different Nationalities,
Different Languages,
Different Ethnicities,
Different Lifestyles,
Different Religions,
Different Genders,
Different Wealth,
Different Looks,
Different Jobs,
Different IQ,
Different EQ,
Different Views,
Different Dreams,
Different Cultures,
Different Interests,
Different Problems,
Different Educations,
Different Orientations,
Different Backgrounds,
Same World, Earth.
Same Origin, Birth.
Same Destination, Death.
Same Race, Human.
A humble desire to change perspectives in this troubled world.
For Human. By Human. Be Human.
CORE™ offers a range of basic products in this fancy world. Simplistic, Minimalistic.
CORE™ is also a (small) social experiment to study the 'core' of the current generations living in this era - their beliefs, their values, their morals.
However, it does not imply that you are not a person of beliefs, values & morals if you are not wearing CORE™ products.
By wearing CORE™ products, it just shows the material support by the individual. Otherwise, do support us by following our social media, sharing your thoughts & engage with topics. 
Disclaimer: Hypocritically, this is still a business that seeks to earn profits through its sales, despite the shout of its noble aim to change the world - as this is, unfortunately, how this troubled world works. Just trying to be honest here. Thank you for your support in advance.